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Aubergine Schnitzel

This recipe containing AUBERGINES I know from my Argentinian friend who I met while living in Germany. Preparing the fillets (Schnitzel in German), she told me: "You know, people in Argentina are poor and their families are big. Our grandparents used to cook the dish, because in this way you can feed the whole family with just few fruits." And it´s tasty tambien. I prepared a vegan variant.

Aubergine Schnitzel

chickpea flour

Cut the aubergine into slices. My friend does it into really thin slices and then pound it as if she was preparing meet fillets - to make as much Schnitzel as possible to feed the whole family... As we are happy and have a lot of aubergines in Libélula, so I cut the slices thicker and left the pounding out. 
Prepare two soup plates for the ingredients for battering. Put the chickpea flour in the first, add some chopped garlic cloves, chopped parsley, salt and some water. Stir the mixture with a fork untill any lumps are left. The consistence of the mixture should be like an whisked egg. Put the breadcrumbs into the second plate. Batter the aubergine slices - first in the chickpea mixture from both sides, then in the breadcrumbs. Heat the pan, add the oil (quite a lot and during the frying you may need add more again and again), fry the Schnitzel from the both sides untill the fruit isn´t raw any more and the batter is ligtly brown. Enjoy with rice or fries and salad.

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